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The Ino Scarf Boutique Story

by Hatice Küey O'Leary
I always had a passion for scarves, and have acquired and worn scarves of many styles and materials during my global travels.  I also found scarves to be wonderful presents to give to friends and family. The source of my passion is my mother,  Güngör  Küey, who inspired me at  very young age to the quality and aesthetics of fabric. To me, a flowing and undulating scarf expresses an imaginative mind and open heart.

I have channeled that passion into my own collection of scarves that I share with you in my Ino boutique in Austin Texas. These handmade scarves are elegant and unique and wear like soft jewelry.

Ino's first collection, called GiGi, is a result of collaboration with my mother, Güngör.  We combined the needlework from ancient Anatolia with modern fabric to produce a scarf that transcends time.

My mother, Güngör, handpicks each silk fabric and designs the lace by color and form, then works with local craftswomen to perform the delicate needlework.  

The GiGi scarf flows from the past with ancient art  lace work to today's silk fabric for you to enjoy into the future.

Ino expanded with several other lines that express youthful energy to sophisticated refinement.

We ensure that each Ino scarf is made from carefully selected high-quality material that is handcrafted with attention to detail with love.

You are more than welcomed to visit our beautiful Austin, TX store located at 4541 Ruiz St, Austin, TX 78723.

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